Key points to follow when preparing your home for a professional couch cleaning

Having the couches in your home cleaned regularly via professionals is a necessity. Understanding that, you have booked your couch cleaning appointment with the best couch cleaner in town and you do not know how to prepare. Read this blog to know more about what the key points are that go into the preparation of your home before your appointment with a professional couch cleaning company:  



Keep away any delicate, light and valuable items 

You should remove and store any valuable items in the drawing room beforehand. Any heavy beds, shelves, coffee tables, or any other pieces of valuable décor should be moved to another room before the couch cleaning Perth team arrives. This will prevent any damage to your valuable furniture and also save the couch cleaning on their time thus ensuring better work and quality outcomes. This step is also necessary for ensuring the team gets better access to the couch without any obstacle. Also do not forget to remove any magazines, books, socks, newspapers also lying on the couch. 


Make sure the furniture is at a distance from the walls 

The couch cleaners need to have complete access to the couch for its proper cleaning. For that, you need to make sure that the furniture is at a reasonable distance from the wall. This will ensure the couches are cleaned on both the sides including the one that faces the wall.  


Make an alternate arrangement for your pets beforehand for the day 

Being in surroundings with loud and heavy machinery operated by strangers can be daunting for your beloved pets. They can behave weird, disturbed, or confused which can interrupt the cleaning session. You can leave the pets with your neighbours, friends or simply make them spend the time in another part of your house when the cleaners are on their job. This will also keep them out of the way of the technicians, allowing the team to complete their work more quickly and efficiently. You would be able to take control of your normal chores at the earliest too.  


Provide instructions to your family 

Any couch takes a minimum 4-6 hours window to dry out completely. In that case, you need to instruct them beforehand not to sit on the couch before it is completely dry. You toddler also should, preferably, kept off the couch during the treatment and until it is completely dry. It would be helpful to remain in another part of the house so as not to get disturbed by the constant whirring sounds of the cleaning machinery. 


Keep your car park free  

The team of upholstery cleaner Perth would bring their truck mounted cleaning equipment for cleaning your couch upholstery. Operating the whole equipment becomes convenient if the car park is available for use. This also prevents our machinery from getting vandalized or stolen. The people outside also would be protected from any safety concerns by way of the pipes and other equipment. 


Observing the above mentioned key pointers would help you get the best out of the time and money that you have invested in the couch cleaning services. Dial 0877401923 to get in touch with the best Upholstery Cleaning Perth service provider. We have extensive experience in handling a varied number of couch cleaning issues in record time. All our services are available at extremely reasonable and affordable rates. Reach out to us today for an express quote and to also book an appointment for your property.