What Is the Best Way to Clean Vomit From Leather Couches?

A leather couch can withstand a lot of things – stains from your food and drinks, claw marks by your pets and weather damage. If you have a baby, pets, a hungover or an ill person, you can add another thing to the list – vomit. Vomit is one of the nastiest things to drop on your leather couch. It can leave a stain, make your couch smell funky and is a headache to clean. If you have a problem like that, don’t hesitate to call Couch Cleaning Perth!

You can use the foolproof measure – not letting someone who can vomit near your precious leather sofa. Because compared to other stains on leather, vomit is much harder to clean. So, on the off-chance it happens, you’re better off letting the experts tend to it. Our professional cleaners will get rid of both the stain and the smell.

Clean Vomit From Leather Couches

Immediate Steps to Clean Vomit from Leather Couch

No matter whose vomit it is – human or pet – you should clean that out as soon as possible. If you let it sit for a longer period, it might damage your leather couch more. So, before our Leather Couch Cleaning Perth experts arrive follow these steps to ensure minimal damage.

  • Clean the Vomit

Cleaning vomit with rubber gloves is much better than doing so barehanded. So, if you have rubber gloves handy, quickly fetch them out. Take some paper towels to scoop away the content and throw it away. You can use a spatula to scrape any solid material stuck to the couch.

  • Use a Cleanser

Cleaning the residue will make you stop and think. Because you have to know what is the right solution for the type of leather your couch has. For example, suede needs a specific type of cleanser, whereas basic products work to clean semi-aniline.

You can use homemade remedies for quick action. But there is no way to know if it’ll work or worsen the stain. Though, for immediate cleaning, you may use a mixture of water and mild soap.

  • Rinse the Spot

This is the most crucial step in cleaning your couch. Couch Cleaning Perth suggests a quick cleanser rinsing to not damage the leather more. You should dab the area gently till it looks clean enough. If you’re rubbing, make sure never to do it in circles or against the leather grains.

  • Dry the Area

While your leather couch may be water-resistant, wet leather can be a problem. When wet leather dries off, it becomes stiff and brittle. In fact, your sofa can lose its quality and become uncomfortable to sit on. So, you must dry off the vomit patch right away. Dabbing with a soft, lint-free cloth or using a steam cleaner will do the job.

Tips to Get Rid of Vomit Smell

The vomit smell is so bad that it can make you vomit again. If left unattended, this odour can last for hours and days. This is why cleaning the couch is not enough; you should get rid of the smell too. We at Couch Cleaning Perth have some tips for you –

  • Sunlight is the most basic yet effective solution for odour. If the couch still has a lingering smell, move it to a place with abundant sunshine. The sunlight has UV rays that are great for removing bacteria that cause odour. Besides, sunrays will also freshen up your sofa.
  • Using a leather cleaner is another trick to get rid of the smell. These solutions maintain the polish and emit a fragrant aroma. If the odour lingers even after cleaning, it is time to use the cleaner again.
  • Vinegar has acidic properties, which help in killing smell-inducing bacteria. A quick homemade solution of white vinegar and water can also help. Dab it on the leather with a clean cloth. The result will be an odour-free sofa.

Couch Cleaning Perth – The Best Way to Clean Your Leather Couch

You can clean vomit on a leather couch at home. But if you want a professional service, Couch Cleaning Perth is at your service!

We are Perth’s go-to upholstery cleaning company. From fabric sofas to leather couches, we can deal with any type of upholstery cleaning. Our skilled team and well-planning couch cleaning process always bring flawless outcomes. We also upgrade our cleaning solutions regularly so that we can provide proper care to your couch.

Apart From a Spotless Leather Couch, We Offer:

  • Access to industry experts
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It is for these reasons that hundreds of people trust us with their couches. So, the only way to make your couch vomit-free is to hire our Leather Couch Cleaning Perth services. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for your couch cleaning needs.